Corporate Welfare Watch

Public provision for private businesses

The aim of Corporate-Welfare-Watch is to facilitate an open and better-informed debate about the various ways in which the British Government assists private businesses.

CWW incorporates the first searchable national database on corporate subsidies in the UK.

It provides up-to-date links and commentary on reports, news items and parliamentary debate related to corporate welfare provision in the UK and beyond.

The CWW database is unique. It details grants and subsidies provided to UK companies by the British Government that is not available anywhere else. It is freely available to users and is regularly checked and updated.

We are rapidly building up content on the site, although we have placed most of our efforts so far on trying to get the database up and running. Do check back regularly for news items, details of relevant publications and reports, and other relevant content.

Details of grants and subsidies can be accessed by clicking the database tab.