Peugeot questions Nissan aid decision

Peugeot’s opposition to UK subsidies aimed at Nissan.

Mark Milner writes:”The head of one of Europe’s biggest car makers has attacked the European commission’s decision to approve British government aid for the Nissan plant in Sunderland.

Jean-Martin Folz, the president of PSA Peugeot Citroën, described the decision as shocking and bizarre.
Speaking ahead of the opening of the group’s new $600m (£405m) manufacturing complex at Porto Real in Brazil Mr Folz said: “I am surprised that a company which is making such brilliant results, from what we read in the press, needs such investment subsidy in a plant which is supposed to be one of the most productive in the UK.”
Mr Folz said he could have understood the decision if Nissan had been deliberating between a European Union and a non-EU location for its investment in the production facilities for the new Micra but not when the choice was between two EU countries. “It is really bizarre, shocking.””The CWW database reveals that car manufacturers, including Peugeot, receive some of the most generous support from the UK government.

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