Opinion: I’m Glad Corbyn is Challenging Handouts to Business. It’s Time to Unpick Corporate Welfare

Jeremy Corbyn relied on Kevin Farnsworth's research to challenge UK corporate welfare in 2015.

I am the person behind the second most-debated figure of the Labour leadership race – the £93bn corporate welfare bill. I write “debated”, but this is too generous to some of those who have passed judgment on the work.

Once Jeremy Corbyn had begun campaigning on the basis that some of the £93bn could be saved, proper analysis and discussion gave way to myth making and conjecture, and I didn’t recognise many of the arguments that were attributed to me.

Despite being mentioned at some point by just about all of the media outlets, the only journalist who contacted me before writing about my research was Aditya Chakrabortty, who wrote the original front-page splash for the Guardian based on my report. I’m hardly surprised then, if disappointed, that publications as venerable as the Economist have got basic things confused in their rush to write off Corbyn and my research.

Author: Kevin Farnsworth

Published: September 28, 2015, by The Guardian.