Government Releases National Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2016-2021

Image of highway at night to accompany release of National Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2016-2021.

On March 23, 2016, the government published the National Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2016-2021 which details in an 115-page report its intentions for supporting large-scale housing and regeneration, and investment in new local schools, hospitals, and prisons with £100bn committed to social infrastructure by 2020-21. Along with “significant investment by the private sector” in investments across numerous sectors, the Plan totals £483bn in investments.

The Plan, intended to “grow the economy and improve people’s lives” includes more than 600 projects and programmes across the UK through 2020-21 and beyond, with energy and transport receiving the bulk of the money.

Chief Executive of the Infrastructure and Projects Authority, Tony Meggs, said, “This plan sets out details of infrastructure investment by government and the private sector across all sectors and regions. It describes not only what we are going to build, but also how we will prioritise investment and work with industry to improve delivery.”

Click here to read the full 115-page report.

Source: New National Infrastructure Delivery Plan gets Britain building – GOV.UK