Ford Motors, Bridgend, Wales announces plans to scale back production despite state support…

Ford has announced plans to scale back production at its Bridgend plant, despite receiving millions in state support and trimming back its own investment. Ken Stakes, Welsh Assembly member said that he wanted assurances that the promised job security for 500 workers (a conditional of the January 2015 support) would be protected but added:

“What I am keen to do is make sure the Welsh Government supports innovation and new product development at the Ford plant so that long-term job security is guaranteed. We have done that in the past and we will do it in the future”


Timeline: Ford Motors, Bridgend, Wales

According to this article – the Welsh Assembly provides £50,000 per year in training support grant.

2008: Awarded Euros 15,349 in investment support.

April 2013: Awarded £12m in non-repayable financing from the Welsh Assembly (Ford will invest £24m) for new engine plant.

Jan 2015: Welsh Assembly agreed to provide £15m of investment conditional on 500 jobs would be provided for five years. Then economy minister, Edwina Hart, said this this award would “safeguard more than 750 skilled Welsh jobs for many years”.

September 2015: Ford announces plans to invest and build new engines – although a lower number – around 250,000 per year – than was originally thought.

September 2016: Announces plans to scale back production to just 125,000 engines per year. Planned investment of £181m reduced to £100m.  of engines to half the initially intended amount.