Aston Martin Paid Nearly £6mn by Welsh Government to Open Plant in Wales

Aston Martin received nearly £6mn in funding from the Welsh government to open a plant in St Athan.
An Aston Martin Vantage outside the Madarin Oriental hotel in 2011. (Supermac1961/Creative Commons)

The Welsh government has revealed, following more than a year of stalling on a FOI request, that it offered Aston Martin £5.8 million in Repayable Business Financing to open a plant in St Athans, where the company has pledged to create 750 jobs.

The announcement came 16 months after Tom Gallard of made an FOI request to ask what Aston Martin had been offered in terms of a deal. After initially refusing the request, the Welsh government held off on disclosing until the Information Commissioner’s Office, ICO, ruled that it was required to disclose the information.

Aston Martin’s English operations have benefitted from nearly £3 million in grants since 2008, according to our research.

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