Director of Labour Market Enforcement Says UK Needs Stricter Enforcement of Living Wage

Many employers in the UK are not paying the legal living wage and the government is looking at ways to enforce their compliance.

Sir David Metcalf, director of labour market enforcement, has said that many UK companies are violating the living wage law by underpaying their employees and that the government must implement stricter enforcement and harsher penalties to combat the problem.

Describing his approach to the problem, Sir Metcalf said,

Do we have the right level of enforcement resources, and/or are the fines high enough? This is something I am going to properly look at,” Metcalf said. “It is the case that HMRC has had double the enforcement resources in the last two years – it has gone up from £12m to £25m. But it may be we need to do more.

Source: Bosses are failing to honour minimum pay laws, warns Britain’s job market tsar | Society | The Guardian