New Countryside Productivity Scheme to fund technological adoption on UK farms

The UK government is putting £40m in grants into the uptake of new technology at farms and food processors.
Creative Commons CC0

In late October 2017 the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs announced £40m in a new grant scheme for investment in farm technology and equipment. The Countryside Productivity Scheme is available to both farmers and food processors.

The grants will support farm productivity through investments in technology, like robotics. They will also support measures that reduce cost and improve quality.

Of the new scheme, Environment Secretary Michael Gove said,

This new funding is a wonderful opportunity for our farmers and food processors to invest in the technology they need to boost productivity, competition and, of course, sustainability as a key factor in future proofing our world leading food and farming industry.

We’ll be watching to see who benefits from this scheme: the UK’s small farmers or large-scale corporate enterprises.

Source: Environment Secretary opens £40 million fund to boost farm productivity – GOV.UK