NHS, transport, defence and education among high-stakes government contracts held by Carillion

Carillion's collapse threatens a large variety of public services provided by the company, from education, to healthcare to defence.
A Carillion project in London's Barts Square, 2016. (David Holt/Flickr)

Following the collapse of Carillion, the Guardian produced an illuminating list of the contracts the firm holds with the government. From managing NHS operating theatres to major rail projects to maintenance and other services at schools and prisons, Carillion spread itself widely and deeply through necessary and important public services and projects. The firm’s collapse leaves a lot at stake for the British people, beyond the money lost on existing contracts.

The full list, compiled by the Guardian, is as follows:


•Manages facilities including 200 operating theatres and 11,800 beds
•Makes more than 18,500 patient meals per day
•Helpdesks manage 1.5m calls per year
•Engineering teams carry out maintenance work


•Building ‘smart motorways’ – which ease congestion by monitoring traffic and adjusting lanes or speed limits – for the Highways Agency
•Major contractor on £56bn HS2 high-speed rail project
•Upgrades track and power lines for Network Rail
•Major contractor on London’s Crossrail project
•Roadbuilding and bridges


•Manages infrastructure and 50,000 homes for Ministry of Defence


•Designed and built 150 schools
•Services such as catering and cleaning at 875 schools


•Maintenance and repairs at about half of UK prisons


•Manages several public libraries in England


•Building substations, overhead cables and other works for National Grid

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/jan/18/taxpayers-to-foot-200bn-bill-for-pfi-contracts-audit-office