Nissan and others receive £9.8m for installation of V2G charging points

The UK will see 1,000 more V2G charging points courtesy of Nissan.
Nissan leaf at charging point on Hillary Place, University of Leeds, August 2017. (Mtaylor848/wikimedia commons)

Nissan is set to unveil 1,000 vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging stations across the UK over the coming year, thanks in part to a £9.8m government grant it received in partnership with other members of the e4Future project.

Nissan will bring this technology to the streets through collaborative work with Nuvve, National Grid, UK Power Networks, Northern Powergrid, Newcastle University and Imperial College London.

Already, Nissan has installed 100 V2G storage units in London.

Of the initiative, Claire Spedding, head of business development for Nationa Grid said,

Energy stored in EVs can be fed back into the electricity network to help manage the network at times of high demand and be an additional tool for operating Great Britain’s electricity system.

News of the funding and the project follows support for electric vehicle technology in the Autumn Budget 2017 as well as the emphasis on renewable energy in the latest Industrial Strategy.

Source: Nissan sheds light on ‘world first’ vehicle-to-grid project