Nissan, following Jaguar Land Rover, to cut hundreds of jobs in Sunderland

Nissan will cut hundreds of jobs at its Sunderland plant due to falling demand for diesel vehicles.
(Kenjonbro/Flickr/Creative Commons)

Nissan, a company that has received nearly £800m in corporate welfare since the mid-1980s, has announced that it will cut ‘hundreds’ of jobs at its Sunderland plant due to declining demand for diesel vehicles.

Nissan has been hit particularly hard by the dip in the demand for new cars this year, with its UK sales figures down 35 percent over 2016 while the sector as a whole is down 12 percent.

Of course, a company must adjust when demand for its product drops, but the cutting of staff is questionable when the essence of the company’s major requests for corporate welfare over the years has been the creation or maintenance of UK jobs.

This news follows the announcement that Jaguar Land Rover is cutting 1,000 jobs across the UK for the same reason.

Source: Nissan to cut hundreds of jobs at UK plant as diesel demand slides – source