Scotland gives £1.9m to oil and gas decommissioning research centre

Scotland is investing £2m in a new R&D centre for decommissioning the oil and gas industry.
North Sea Oil Rig, 2012 (Gary Bembredge/Creative Commons)

The Scottish Government has given £1.9m to The Oil & Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) to fund a new National Decommissioning Centre of Excellence (NDCE).

The NDCE will be hosted by Aberdeen University and will be focused on R&D collaborations with the oil and gas sector focused on decommissioning. Funds for the new centre come from Scotland’s Decommissioning Challenge Fund.

Roger Esson, Decommissioning Solution Centre Manager said,

We’re delighted to have secure this important investment from the Decommissioning Challenge Fund. We want to transform the future of decommissioning and the funding will help create an environment that fosters innovation, and where academia and industry can work together on cutting-edge solutions.

Dean of Research and Knowledge Exchange at Univerity of Aberdeen, Richard Neilson, also expressed support for the Centre:

This investment from the Scottish Government is testament to our plans for a world-class centre for research and development, where our academics will work alongside industrial partners to create solutions that will establish the National Decommissioning Centre of Excellence at the heart of this important industry.

Source: £2M of Government Funding for National Decommissioning Centre • Digit