Henry Angest, millionaire banker, has received more than half a million pounds in CAP funding via offshore holdings

(Gordon Robertson/Creative Commons)

Wealthy banker and Conservative donor Henry Angest has received £144,140 in CAP payments via an offshore tax haven, reports The Herald.

Angest, who is a multimillionaire, is the owner of farming estates in Scotland that are registered through a Jersey-based firm called Roral Investments Ltd.

According to our Corporate Welfare Database, however, which spans 1999 to 2017, farming companies registered to Angest, including Ashmore & Strone Estate and Dalmunzie Limited, have actually received more than half a million pounds in CAP funding. Ashmore & Strone Estate received £515,025 between 2010 and 2016 and Dalmunzie limited received £4,179 in 2015, for a grand total of £519,203.

Angest is the chairman and chief executive of Arbuthnot Banking Group, which backs Everyday Loans which charge 74 percent APR on average. He is the recipient of a knighthood for political service and has donated and loaned as much as £7m to the Conservative Party.

Source: Millionaire banker Henry Angest receives large EU subsidies through offshore tax haven | HeraldScotland