Welcome to the Corporate Welfare Watch Database, the first searchable database of its kind in the UK. Our goal as an organisation is to increase transparency of corporate welfare, which is why we have painstakingly compiled the data showcased here from official sources (unless otherwise stated). Our database includes awards made by the Government from 1999 to 2017, however, data from 2010 onwards are more complete than earlier years.

We offer three different searchable versions of our database. The first, below, shows data by individual recipient but also shows head-company data. The second (accessed from the drop-down menu above), Database: Head Companies, lists total awards received over time by individual head companies. Expanding an entry in this table shows the details of the individual awards and their original recipient companies.

The other version, Database: Original Recipients, lists individual awards which are associated with both original recipients and head companies.

Both tables can be customised to suit your research needs. You can filter either by year of the award, UK nation, sector and aid instrument to refine the results that show in the table. You can also search for other characteristics including head company, original recipient, the value of award and group total.

You can further customise which data are populated in the table by selecting or deselecting columns.

We hope you find our database useful and informative. If you run into any problems using it or have any questions about the data or sources, please contact us at info@corporate-welfare-watch.org.uk.