The EU wants to begin taxing the turnover of major tech firms Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple, rather than profits.
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Amazon HQ subsidies exceed $4.6 billion

November 19, 2018

Amazon is set to receive around $4.6 billion in corporate welfare from the US taxpayer, reports Good Jobs First. These subsidies are used by states to entice Amazon to locate operations and investment within their […]

Electric vehicle charging stations will soon allow power to return to the grid with vehicle-to-grid technology.

Newsletter: November 2017

December 5, 2017

Our newsletter for November 2017 featured a note to readers updating them on our behind-the-scenes progress with research. Leading up to the winter holidays, we were busy with a new research project focused on the […]

Amazon managed to halve its corporation tax bill in the UK by paying its employees partially in shares.
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How Amazon Got Away with Halving its UK Tax Bill

August 10, 2017

Amazon is in the news yet again — this time for halving its corporation tax bill paid to HMRC. Despite a turnover in 2016 of £1.46 billion, which represents a doubling over the previous year, […]