Our Searchable Database of More than 400 Active Business Support Schemes

A searchable database of funding schemes and programmes available to private businesses across the UK, by Corporate Welfare Watch.

At Corporate Welfare Watch, it’s part of our mission to bring you searchable and easy-to-understand data that illustrate the volume and types of support that the UK government gives to private businesses. Now, in addition to our corporate welfare database that helps you search and learn about recipients of funding, we offer a new database focused on major business support schemes.

This new database, a first of its kind, includes information on more than 400 active funding schemes and programmes across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The database is searchable by name of scheme, so you can learn more about a scheme you might have heard of. Importantly, it’s also searchable by location, so you can find out which types of funding are available in which regions or nations, and which have more funding available to them, relative to others. We’ve also made the database searchable by the details of the scheme or programme, so you can, for example, search for those that support ‘training’ or ‘apprentices’. Finally, you can search the database by the status of the scheme or programme, to see which are currently open and which have closed.

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