Jaguar Land Rover, recipient of ample corporate welfare, to cut 1,000 jobs

Jaguar Land Rover is cutting 1,000 jobs at its Solihull plant. The car maker has received over 127m GBP in UK corporate welfare.
Prime Minister Theresa May visited the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Solihull in September 2016, along with the Chancellor Phillip Hammond. They spoke with Executive Director Ian Harnett, and with apprentices at the plant. (Tom Evans/Crown Copyright)

Jaguar Land Rover, a company that has received more than £127m in corporate welfare since 2005, announced on 13 April 2018 that it is cutting 1,000 jobs at its Solihull plant in the West Midlands.

Most recently, our data show that Jaguar Land Rover received £3.4m in corporate welfare in 2017, £6.7m in 2016, and £21.7m in 2015.

The company stated in a press release that the jobs cut is the result of a drop in sales, which it attributes to uncertainty over Brexit and taxes for diesel vehicles.

The cut will impact temporary contract workers.

Source: Jaguar Land Rover to cut 1,000 jobs after ‘slump due to Brexit’ | Business | The Guardian