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Competing for capital

October 17, 2016

“Our approach is very clear, we will go after every single piece of mobile [non-finalised] investment,” says Martin Shanahan, the head of Ireland’s Industrial Development Authority. “Undoubtedly there are more opportunities because of Brexit… You […]

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France in dash for post-Brexit businesses

September 28, 2016

France, in common with other EU countries, is making a direct play for British businesses to relocate. This is from the AMF, representing financial companies As all players in the Paris financial market are gearing […]

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Many British farms not viable without EU support, says NFU

April 18, 2016

This is an important story on the potential impact of Brexit on British farmers. Agricultural subsidies may be trimmed, but they are as likely to be increased. Either way, farmers may not survive a Britain without generous subsidies […]