New Nissan Leaf in production at Sunderland

The new Nissan Leaf is under production in Sunderland UK as of December 2017.
Qurren/Wikimedia Commons

The new Nissan Leaf started rolling off the Sunderland production line in late-December 2017. The Sunderland Echo reported that Nissan’s flagship electric vehicle will be available in European markets in February.

Nissan’s continued investment in the production of this vehicle in Sunderland appears to have been secured by government funding for battery development and electric vehicle grid technology. Nissan leadership praised support for such initiatives included in the Autumn Budget 2017. The announcement echoed similar ones that came before it, which in turn followed Nissan’s official request for additional government support in the event of a hard Brexit.

Source: Production of new Leaf car begins at Nissan plant in Sunderland – Sunderland Echo