Government Awards £24 Million to Projects Across England that Will Provide ‘Central Heating to Cities’

The UK government has awarded £24 million in funding for low-carbon central heating projects across England.

Climate Change and Industry Minister Nick Hurd announced on April 11, 2017, that the UK government had granted £24 million to 13 local authorities across England to support the development of low-carbon energy projects that will create ‘central heating for cities’.

The proposed projects would eliminate the need for boilers on individual properties by linking them to a central municipal heating source. When implemented, these systems could lower heating costs by 30 percent or more.

Funded projects are located in London, Manchester, Sheffield, Crawley and Colchester, while other projects located in Trafford, Islington, Buckinghamshire and Middlesbrough have received funding to support the planning stage for future projects.

This first round of funding is part of a larger scheme to distribute £320 million in government funds over 5 years.

Of the awards, Climate Change and Industry Minister Nick Hurd said, “This government is committed to ensuring a clean, secure and affordable energy supply for communities and businesses across the country.”

Read the full press release here: Clean energy projects receive £24 million to keep towns warm – GOV.UK