Government-funded study focuses on incentives for using V2G charging points

A government funded study will tackle how to incentivise drivers of electric vehicles to use V2G charging points.
(Mikes Photos/Creative Commons)

The UK government has provided funding for a study focused on figuring out how to incentivise drivers of electric vehicles to support the power grid by using vehicle-to-grid (V2G) charging points.

The study, titled Vehicle to Grid Britain, will be carried out by a consortium that includes National Grid, Western Power Distribution, Nissan’s European Technical Centre, Moixa, Cenex, Energy Systems Catapult, and is lead by Element Energy.

Of the long-term hope that drivers will embrace V2G technology, Mark Dale, innovation and low carbon networks engineer for Western Power said,

V2G could present a real opportunity to provide a benefit to electric vehicle drivers, electricity customers and networks if managed in the correct way. The uptake of electric vehicles will present significant challenges, and smart charging along with V2G solutions could be critical in integrating them into the electricity network with minimum disruption.

The news, released in early March 2018, comes on the heels of other announcements of government funding for V2G projects, in line with initiatives announced in the most recent Industrial Strategy.

Source: Rewarding drivers who use electric cars to support the power network